Become a Vendor

Exhibiting at American Classics Marketplace has many benefits for antique vendors. Our vendors can take advantage of our great location at one of the busiest intersections in Colorado Springs. Our showroom allows for optimal display, carpeted floors keep the dust down, lots of space for display and our high merchandise standards keep merchandise value and appeal high are just a few to name. We have a warehouse and our vendors can rent cases and display furniture from us.

But one of the premier benefits of being at American Classic Marketplace in Colorado Springs is the help you get in doing business.

  • We always have lots of floor walkers and designated case salesperson for customers
  • Always 2 dock workers on hand to help you in and customers out
  • Security cameras and purse lockers to keep shoplifting to a minimum.
  • Vendor nights allow you to work on your space after hours at least once a month.
  • Daily sales emails let you know what you sold

What’s also unique is our rate schedule that adjusts based on your revenue that you make at American Classics Marketplace in Colorado Springs.

Please call us at 719-596-8585 or fill out our form for more information.